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HTC Ignite Windows Mobile smartphone. Not officially announced yet. Features 3.7″ S-LCD display
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Quick Overview
  • This Mobile runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 powered with 800 MHz.
  • This Mobile has 5 MP, AF and has Secondary camera
  • This Mobile has 3.7 inches, 39.0 cm2 inches display S-LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
  • This Mobile has 512 MB RAM of internal memory.
  • This Mobile has Removable Li-Ion battery
  • This Mobile has Mini-SIM sim
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2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network HSDPA 900 / 2100
Sim Mini-SIM
Status Not officially announced yet
Display Size 3.7 inches, 39.0 cm2
AlertTypes Vibration, MP3, WAV ringtones
LoudSpeaker Yes
3.5mm jack Yes
CardSlot No
Internal 512 MB RAM
Speed HSPA
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Blue Tooth 2.1, A2DP
USB microUSB 2.0
Camera Primary 5 MP, AF
CameraVideo 720p
OS Microsoft Windows Phone 7
CPU 800 MHz
Sensors Accelerometer, proximity
Messaging SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
Browser HTML
Radio Stereo FM radio, RDS
GPS Yes, with A-GPS; Bing Maps
Colors Black
Others - MP3/AAC+/WAV/WMA9 player - MP4/H.264/WMV9 player - Organizer - Document viewer/editor - Voice memo/dial - Predictive text input
Battery Removable Li-Ion battery

7 days in smartphones: Dear Microsoft, please don't eat my Android phone

Your princess isn't in another smartphone

It's Friday. You're giddy with excitement. It can only mean one thing…7 days in smartphones is back again!

Forget being "social" with your so-called "friends", stay here in the dark with as we try to make you laugh. Once. It's the best we can hope for.

It's-A-Not-Me, Mario!

Nintendo is finally entering the smartphone market. We've waited years to say it and – phwoar– that felt seriously good.

The bad news is it isn't exactly as we'd anticipated, it looks like Mario and co will be taking a back seat to make way for new mobile franchises.

Link on a horse

The move comes after a partnership with developer DeNA who will have free reign over the Nintendo IPs but won't be aiming to create ports of Wii U or 3DS games.

Instead it'll be focusing on new titles – is that really such a bad thing? Well, probably - these things rarely go well.

Even though the Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, rinse and repeat formula can sometimes feel a little tiresome, Nintendo wanting to enter the world of Candy Crush doesn't necessarily fill me with glee.

That said, if anyone can do it with style and create some new engaging characters to go on the journey with, surely it's Nintendo. You hear that Iwata? My credit card is waiting and I'm ready and waiting to make micro payments now.

Microsoft wants your Android!

Windows 10 news now smartphans: Microsoft wants to bring its new operating system to your Android smartphone.

Wait, WHAT?!

Yeah, that's right, Microsoft wants to wrangle your unrestricted OS, throw up a bunch of electric fences and restrict the amount of apps you'll be able to download.

Microsoft Windows 10

OK, maybe not quite like that, but the Softies have announced plans to allow users to trial a custom ROM on the Xiamoi Mi 4 that removes all trace of the Android OS for an almost complete version of Windows 10.

It's Microsoft's attempt to steal users from the Android ecosystem and switch them over to Windows Phone, but it'll be some seriously hard work considering the reduced number of apps available on the platform.

Will anyone actually choose to make their Android run Windows Phone? Only time will tell.

Or, well, no.

One hoof forward

One hoof, two hoof, three hoof, four, repeat. Walking was becoming easier by the day as Winston's long recovery continued to drag.

"You're doing great, just a few more steps" reassured the nurse ready to catch him at the slightest sign of a stumble.

One hoof, two hoof, three hoof, four, done. Winston collapsed into the really rather long wheelchair, sweat dripping from his mane. The nurse looked at him sympathetically, stroking his fetlock, and said tenderly: "That's enough for one day... let's get you back to your bed."

Wheeled back to the side of his bed, he clambered onto the sheets and forced himself to look at the odd, faceless black brick that seemed to be staring him from the bedside table.

Over the preceding days and weeks he'd gradually been building the confidence to explore the Apple iPhone and take control of his first ever keyless smartphone. OK, the Storm didn't have any keys... except it did. The whole display was a key. It was glorious, but now it was gone.

In that time he'd learnt how to turn on the display, unlock it, take a few snaps around his hospital room and even get used to the onscreen keyboard. Apps were still a weird experience: he'd finally realised how to download them, but was bewildered by how many there were. Inside, he still missed the choice of just 11 that used to populate BlackBerry App World.

Then the day came: it was time to go home. His rehab was over. It was time to venture back out into the world, a robotic unicorn sent out to live once again.

With an NHS prescribed iPhone 6 Plus in his left hoof, a small bag of belongings in his right, it was time to flip open Apple Maps, type in Mobonia, get confused as to why it wasn't there (before finding it simply on Google Maps) and continue on his journey, but where next?

A flagship for the Shin!

Although likely not the best smartphone you've ever owned, the Samsung Galaxy S ended up being one of the major competitors to the iPhone 4.

Here are some of the highlights from the one and only JK Shin announcing it way back in March 2010. Kevin from Twitter is definitely NOT reading from an auto-cue.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9m4-CbvuR8

Strange press shot of the week

Sony Camera Lens

*Read in your best David Attenborough voice*

Here we see a young stubble-styled hipster out of his normal Shoreditch habitat, discovering the phenomenon of fresh berries.

This specimen, likely known as Atticus to his friends, has lost his Polaroid camera and decides to join the modern world with the Sony QX100 Lens Style Camera for smartphones and tablets.

He attaches it to a Sony Xperia Z2 to snap some blackberries and then ask all his Instagram friends what they are.

Sadly he has yet to receive a response as none of his followers could identify them through the Nashville filter.

Retro video of the week

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1YBrVevn4w

"You know there's a sexier way to connect to the web." That was the slogan of the Siemens C35i.

It seems the company wanted to sex up its image – if that's even possible with a NSFW name like Siemens – so it employed some proper hot bods to strut around the emptiest, weirdest lit nightclub in all of Germany.

If you can discern what actually happens at the end of the video please let us know in the comments as our tiny little tech focused minds can't work it out.

Proper bits from the site

Remember the best phone you ever had? It was likely the Nokia 3310 and we went on a journey through time to bring you back the best details we could find on it – just look how pretty it is!

EE has replaced its Orange Wednesday's deal with a significantly less exciting streaming proposition. We don't know exactly what kind of films it'll include just yet but we can speculate 70% of them will include Steven Seagal.

Dyson has invested in some new technology to make your smartphone's, and your vacuum cleaner's, battery last even longer.

And finally the auto-tuned Robocop look-a-like that is Will.i.am has teamed up with the fashion brand Gucci to bring you yet another horrible "smartband".

7 days in phones: Well done Twitter, you've made a mobile Chatroulette

7 days in phones

All aboard! Next stop, Mobonia. That's right folks, strap yourselves in as we're about to steam into another 7 days in phones and, well, what a week it has been. Seconds became minutes. Minutes become hours. Hours became days. Seven in total. Solid week everyone, well done.

Up periscope, down periscope

The internet is a wonderful place. No sooner had Twitter launched its Periscope app - allowing you to 'explore the world through someone else's eyes' - than some online degenerates turned it into what's basically the new Chatroulette.

Broadcasting live video around the world to anyone who wants to watch/has nothing better to do isn't new and Periscope finds itself locking horns with Meerkat and Twitch.


Sure they can be fun, but so was Vine when it first launched and that's increasingly fallen out of the 'this is cool' limelight.

Some of the 'class acts' that have already graced Periscope include soft porn, the inside of people's fridges, a lot of drugs, drivers not paying attention to, well, driving and live broadcasts of live television shows.

I think it's time to down periscope and submerge myself in some more exciting activities. Maybe I'll watch this paint dry... who wants to watch the live stream? Probably too many of you.

Bye bye bloatware

Samsung, possibly the biggest culprit in the bloatware-on-smartphones saga, has read its pre-installed app collection their last rights - and it's about time.

I can't tell you how many times I've nearly lost my rag when battling through the storm of pre-installs on Samsung phones - willing them to disappear but never having the option to actually disable them.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Manufacturers are always harping on about how the smartphone is an extension of you, how it's your most personal device, but my phone doesn't feel personal if S Voice, S Health, Galaxy Apps and more are smashing me in the face every day.

This new functionality is only available on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for now, but it's at least a start and while you can't actually uninstall apps you can hide them completely from view.

Now Apple, let's talk about 'Stocks'...

Cheesy circuitry

Cheese Toastie

A week had passed since Winston left hospital and he was still struggling to adapt to the new smartphone age.

The power of these phones made his much loved BlackBerry Storm seem pretty rubbish. His eyes had now been well and truly been opened.

Fully functioning, multi-touch displays, octa-core processors and 20MP+ cameras - it was all too much and it was frying his cyborg circuitry.

Winston was also still learning about his own newfound abilities. Ever since being rebuilt as part robot he was able to gallop at sonic speeds, leap higher than a 20 storey building and, rather confusingly, had the ability to toast bread thanks to a handy slot in his chest.

He'd experimented with a cheese toastie, but the melted cheddar just got stuck in his mainframe leading to a quick trip to A&E for a deep clean. The irony of the cheese toastie being his favourite snack was not lost on him.

But back to his mighty struggle: while he used to be the go-to guy in forest for all things mobile, now he was awash with a world of new phones. While many were beginning to make sense there was one organisation he still couldn't work out.

Its handsets were housed in huge, usually glass fronted, temples with a glowing fruit emblem leading mesmerised followers into its oddly sparse interior.

Rows of benches housed identical products, the only variation being subtle changes in colour. The quiet sheen of mumbling approval drew Winston in, until he was startled by The Man in Blue, proclaiming to be a 'genius'. He bolted for the door at (literally) the speed of sound.

Winston had no idea what this place was, but there was certainly an over-inflated sense of knowledge and an uneasy obsession with lower case i.

This new world was confusing, scary and lacking in quality cheddar cheese toasties.

Tune in next week to find out how Winston adapts to the new smartphone age

Up, up and a Bay

Let us take you back briefly to 2014 and CES in Las Vegas. Samsung was showing off it's fancy new curved UHD TVs and managed to convince movie director Michael Bay to say a few words.

And it really was just a few words, and probably not the ones Samsung were hoping for.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tqRyzTvNKE

Scary press shot of the week

Selfie Shunning

Laura is 21. Laura is a victim. A victim of selfie-shunning, a cruel game played by the 'popular' crowd at university and in everyday life. There is no escape for Laura.

She was drawn in by Mercedes and Portia, they treated her as an equal - but then the trouble started. Facebook profile picture update day, a chance to prove to the world that she was indeed 'popular' but alas, heartbreak.

At the final moment a cruel twist of the wrist and tilt of the head by Portia cut Laura out of the selfie she'd always dreamt of.

Selfie-shunning can be stopped. Text 'SELFIE LOVE' to 7#82*1 today and pledge £50,000 to help people like Laura. Thank you.

The phone to save us from our phone

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdpQir1sqiQ


Yes. That really was the bold claim in Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 ad as it poked fun at what appears to be mainly BlackBerry users. There's even a chap dropping his phone in a urinal. HAHAHA he's so silly.

Ironically though, Windows Phone 7 didn't really reignite Microsoft's presence in the market with Android and iOS dominating.

So who's really laughing now? Certainly not the guy with wee all over his handset.

Proper bits from the site

We've reviewed the shiny new HTC One M9. It's lovely, but it feels like it's missing something.

Facebook wants to know everyone you call, and everyone who calls you. Is that cool with you?

In the UK, BT has jumped back into the mobile network game with its 'BT Mobile' service, while Three UK's owners have confirmed the purchase of O2.

Are smartwatches too rich for your taste? Well how does a £30 (around US$45, AU$55) smartwatch sound? Say hello to the Sport Watch.

Love phones? No, do you REALLY love phones? Like so, so, so, so much. Well prove it, punk, with our fiendishly difficult quiz.